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Announcements - November 4

  • George Hopkins Seminar & Potluck - on Sunday, 4 November, George Hopkins will be preaching at FCF and will lead a seminar and discussion after the service on The Power of Sharing the Gospel and Our Lives. Join us for this time of considering God's calling for our church in Pen Lucy.
    • Potlock: please bring a dish to share.
    • Child care will be provided.
    • See any member of the Pen Lucy Team with questions.
    • Note: due to this event, there will be no Soul Food on Sunday, 4 November
  • Evening of Prayer - Join us this evening at 7pm on Sunday, 4 November for a season of prayer.
  • Recovery Support Network - as a church, we hope to support those in the midst of addictions. If you or someone you know is caught in the pain of addictions and wants to seek recovery, there is help. Please stop by the Connections Desk for a brochure or see Bob C.
  • Food Pantry - we continue to have weekly visits to our Food Pantry by those who have needs. Praise God that we are able to help feed the hungry. Right now, we need soupspeanut butter and jelly to help restock our Pantry. Simply drop off your donations in the baskets in the hallway or stop by the office during the week. Those in need may make an appointment during the week or see a leader today.
  • Hurricane Relief - as you may know, our country has been struck twice by devastating & deathly hurricanes Florence and Michael. We thank God that we were able to send a contribution from our Faith Family for Hurricans Florence, and we would like to do the same for hurricane Michael. If you are interested in giving, please mark or designate your offering for "Hurricane Relief". A team from our Faith family will be going to North Carolina to serve in December. Please join us in praying.
  • Church Outside Work Day - Saturday, Nov 10th at 9am, the Deacons will hold an outside work day. Come one, come all - bring any tools you have that may be useful!
  • Discover Faith Series - Beginning next Sunday, we will host a 3 week series for those who are new to the church to learn "who we are, what we do & why". Please sign up at the Connections Desk.
  • Ministry Fair - join us in praising God for 33 new ministry servants! We just need 9 more to meet 100% of our current ministry needs. Stop by the Connections Desk to find out how you can serve!
  • Intercessory Prayer - we invite you to bring your praises and prayer needs to our prayer intercessors.  If you would like to share and pray with someone, join us in our prayer room next to the Connections Desk.