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Who are our elders?

The FCF Session Elders

  leader-zachary-cordner    leader-dan-ellis   

      Zac Cordner                Dan Ellis          

  leader-phil-johnson     leader-ananda-kumar

    Phil Johnson            Ananda Kumar

  leader-djik-maouyo    leader-simon-ocailap

             Djik Maouyo      Simon Ocailap  

  leader-damian-watkins     leader-jb-watkins    

    Damien Watkins         JB Watkins (Pastor) 

Elders who are not currently serving on the FCF session are: 

  • Jeff Beans
  • Bill Bolling
  • Karl Dortzbach
  • Don Rittler
  • Steve Sharkey

If you have questions or need help with a spiritual matter, you can contact any of these leaders directly, or you can email the Session as a whole: session@fcfchurch.org.

What are elders?

Elders in a presbyterian church are men elected as representatives of church members and charged with the general oversight and spiritual welfare of the church. These men must meet the qualifications of an elder as described in 1 Tim. 3:1-7 and be committed to the specific mission and values of FCF in order to be nominated to the office.

While ruling elders are ordained to office for life, at FCF they are actively involved in the governing of the church as members of the Session for 3- or 6-year terms. Teaching elders are ordained for life and serve indefinitely after being called by our church. They are specially tasked with the preaching aspect of church leadership.

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