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The Women's Diaconal Team partners with our team of deacons to oversee the mercy ministries of FCF, which support those in the church and community who are undergoing financial or other crisis and are in need of temporary assistance. 

Contact: wdt@fcfchurch.org

Women's Diaconal Team Members

leader-hannah-ocailap           leader-heather-rice            
 Hannah Ocailap                  Heather Rice
       (co-chair)                             (co-chair)

leader-patricia-agaba           leader-wendy-pitts          leader-courtney-heavner 
    Patricia Agaba                   Wendy Pitts                Courtney Heavner

leader-sarah-ellis            leader-wendy-mu
      Sarah Ellis                            Wendy Mu   

FCF regards the contributions and leadership abilities of women in the church very highly. Although women are not eligible for ordained offices in the PCA, women who display gifts of leadership can serve on FCF's Women’s Leadership and Women’s Diaconal Teams, which partner with the elders and deacons to shepherd, guide, and serve the church. Women who serve on these leadership teams are nominated by members of both respective teams and are approved by the elders.