Need practical help?

Contact one of the deacons listed below. If you don't have any of their contact info, you can email them at

Who are our deacons?

sam  deacon-jim-hicks  deacon-barnaby-wickham . deacon-carneal-means

  • Sandy Clark
  • Sam Culli (chair of the diaconate)
  • Jim Hicks
  • Carneal Means
  • Barnaby Wickham

FCF's deacons who are not currently serving on the diaconate (the deacon board) are:

  • Dan Ellis
  • Calvin Landis
  • Jerry Lang
  • Doug MacIver
  • Weldon Newton
  • Gerry Sutter

What are deacons?

Deacons in a Presbyterian church are men who are elected to promote and oversee the mercy and justice ministries of the church. Deacons must meet the qualifications for deacon outlined in 1 Tim. 3:8-13 and be committed to the mission and values of FCF.

Deacons are responsible for carrying out many essential but behind-the-scenes services to the church, including providing practical and/or financial assistance to those in need in our body, organizing church work days, helping to make sure the church property is kept clean and safe (including keeping pavements clear after snowstorms), and overseeing special church events. 

Deacons can be nominated by filling out the deacon nomination form, which you can download here or pick up from the FCF News board in the church lobby, right outside the sanctuary. 


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