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FCF relies on its Communications Team to provide timely and visually appealing updates on all news relevant to the congregation. We seek gifted writers, photographers, and graphic designers to serve in the following areas: 


Our editorial team writes and edits many of FCF's written communications, including the Faith Report, web site, and brochures. 

We seek writers and editors who are effective communicators, able to adapt their writing style and voice for the appropriate medium, and able to meet deadlines. 


Our multimedia team is responsible for designing key visual communications, including the sermon series graphics and special event marketing media (such as postcards, video commercials, social media posts, and announcement slides).  

We seek volunteers who have artistic design skills, marketing and social media savvy, and the ability to meet deadlines. 

Photography and Videography

Our photography and videography team captures church life in action, usually by photographing Sunday morning activities or special events, or recording video testimonials by members. 

We seek videographers and photographers who have a high-quality camera, an understanding of photography fundamentals, an artistic eye, and the ability to photograph discretely. 

Contact communications@fcfchurch.org.