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Unity Month: Soul Food and a Seminar with Carl Ellis

Unity Month 2018

Walk in a manner worth of the calling to which you have been called...eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Eph. 4:1,3)

Join us in February as we seek to pursue and maintain unity in Christ.  To this end, we are offering multiple opportunities to learn in Soul Food each Sunday and a special seminar with Dr. Carl Ellis.

Soul Food

Each Sunday at 10:00am, we will have two Soul Food courses:

Reconciliation 101 - in the Parlor

  • Feb. 4: Reconciliation and the Gospel
  • Feb. 11: Reconciliation and Fellowship
  • Feb. 18: Reconciliation and Outreach
  • Feb. 25: Reconciliation and Worship

Loving across our differences - in the Fellowship Hall

  • Feb. 4: Intentionality
  • Feb. 11: Listening
  • Feb. 18: Repentance
  • Feb. 25: Forgiveness

Seminar with Dr. Carl EllisHeadshot_Carl_Ellis_178x212

On Saturday, February 24, we will be hosting Dr. Carl Ellis as he leads a seminar on unity and reconciliation.

  • When: Saturday, February 24 from 9:00am until 4:00pm
  • You can register here!
  • Notes: we will provide lunch and childcare, and we are suggesting a $10 donation

One of the big challenging questions facing the church in each generation is “how do we love our neighbor? In fact Jesus’ question from Luke 10 “who is my neighbor?” has taken on new meaning in this generation where the wonderful diversity of our world is more and more reflected in our communities. But being in the same city doesn’t mean we are automatically involved in each other’s lives, does it?. In reality we often find that wanting to love others who are different than us can be quite challenging, even fearful, for all of us as fallen people.

Dr. Carl Ellis has spent many decades as a cultural prophet, equipping believers to fulfill the great commission, by addressing the need to understand clearly the world views that compete against the gospel. Here is a link to his, and his wife Karen’s, web site:   https://www.ellisperspectives.com/about

In this seminar Dr. Ellis will equip us with the theological tools and cross-cultural wisdom that can increase our confidence that we can reach into the world of others to experience the mutual growth that always happens in healthy cross-cultural encounters. We are anticipating a great time of learning and of being challenged to be the cross-cultural people of God, sent to a skeptical world armed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We at Faith Christian Fellowship are excited that we are able to host this seminar. during our annual Unity Month. We guarantee that you will not go away unchanged!