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Register now for our 2018 Women's Retreat!

Women's Retreat

On April 27-29, we will host a women's retreat at The Welcoming Place in Akron, PA.

What do you FEAR? Many of us deal with fear on an ongoing basis. Some of us deal with fear on a momentary basis. Over the course of this weekend, we will define, identify, and release our fears to God. We will also develop a better understanding of the POWER with which God has empowered us. Throughout this retreat, we will also learn how to better accept and walk in the LOVE that God has given us. And, finally we will be equipped with strategies of how to take captive our thoughts and apply the word of God to embrace God’s gift of a SOUND MIND.

Get excited and ready to become equipped to adjust your reaction to fear to releasing Faith’s Empowering Activation Remedy, the prescription The Doctor has ordered.

Registration is now available online on MyFCF.